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Anxiety Regulation Workshops


These Workshops are focussed around anxiety management, resilience training and confidence building. I have delivered this to over 3,000 people over the past two years and the feedback has been extremely positive. I strive to make the sessions interesting, fun and engaging and my style is to involve the group as much as possible and ensure the group is comfortable with an atmosphere conducive to learning and developing.


The aim is to educate the group on anxiety and the anxiety response, offering scientifically backed support techniques. There is also a focus on the power of visualisation (with a practical guided visualisation), to begin the journey of seeing a positive future where the individual is happy, healthy and strong. The workshops are designed for the group to take away practical tools with which they can use in their everyday lives to regulate their anxiety and build confidence.


Additionally, the Teacher Development sessions offer teachers and support workers a unique approach to anxiety management in the educational setting and offers techniques which are easily implementable in the classroom. Likewise, 'You First' Parent Support sessions can give parents the support they need in understanding anxiety and offer techniques to support them during difficult times.


If you have any specific projects you would like to discuss for your school / workplace, please don't hesitate to contact. The cost of the sessions are available on request and discounts are available for bulk bookings.



“This was probably one of the best sessions I have been on, very informative and very useful techniques offered, it will be something I will be incorporating”


“The students who took part in the session have been talking to their Teaching Assistants and peers about how they now have a positive attitude towards exams and the future. Would there be an opportunity to set up another session for the other half of the tutor group please?”


“The session was incredibly interesting and the lecturer was very passionate and enthusiastic. I went away learning new coping methods which I think will really help me.”


“I would thoroughly recommend it to everybody”







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