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"Nothing to lose, so much to gain"

Mind over Matter

Overcoming Anxiety

Does anxiety effect the way you would like to lead your life? Do you have times when you avoid certain situations because they make you feel uncomfortable?


Hypnotherapy is a very powerful intervention which can help gain control over your anxiety and enable you to lead a comfortable life without fear of certain situations, things, people or animals. It is also very common to have anxiety about anxiety which further limits what a person is able to do.


The anxiety response shows how incredible the human body is, the symptoms of anxiety are in-built in order to ensure our safety and survival and should be seen as a protection mechanism. However, prolonged exposure to this state is detrimental to our health and can cause problems if not controlled.


Working closely with anxiety disorders, I have seen first-hand how powerful hypnotherapy can be as a tool to reduce anxiety and replace with enhanced self-esteem and self-mastery over emotions.


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