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"Nothing to lose, so much to gain"

Mind over Matter



Hypnosis is a natural state of mind experienced every day. When we daydream, when our mind wanders or when we focus on something such as driving, a puzzle or reading, we are in a state of ‘hypnosis’. A hypnotised individual may not necessarily be in a ‘trance’, more a relaxed, comfortable state which gives the same impression.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful means in which to make positive changes to thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings enabling the formation of new, positive responses. For example, individuals who suffer with social anxiety become reliant on maladaptive coping strategies which leads to avoidance behaviours, social apprehension and consequently prolonged social difficulty. Anxiety disorders are also significantly linked with depression disorders with people who are depressed being more likely to have poor health behaviours including; inactivity, poor diet and smoking which in turn has been found to reciprocally increase the likelihood of developing anxiety disorders.


This is just one example of how these issues can spread through different areas of life. However, with guidance, individuals are able to get a harness on their symptoms and build the skills needed to gain control over themselves and thus their lives. Hypnosis makes use the sub-conscious to promote these changes which is the powerful driver for our thoughts and behaviours.




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